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Better than a post-coital sandwich.

57% math, since 1982.

NOTICE: The author's identification with views and sentiments expressed in this LJ has an estimated half-life of 6-8 months. Consult with said author before drawing conclusions about his current views and sentiments from older entries.

Kids: Go up, thou baldhead!

Bears: Rawr!

This is 4b, this is lactic imminence, this is sapienex, this is postfunny, this is an anomenous lexicorequisitor, this is Dictionary of Rhyme, and this is the new sexy.

This is Beefy the Time Clock, but that's a non-explanation, really.

"If, during the course of a casual conversation between the two of us, it comes to your attention that I am studying mathematics, you may be inflicted with the misinformed opinion that math is very important and that I'm jumping on board a train to the bright future. Mathematics is, in fact, a bell tower for hunchbacks who simply can't take the goddamned bullshit anymore. I hope this alleviates the misunderstanding." - mothwentbad

beefy the time clock is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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