mothwentbad (mothwentbad) wrote,

Ok, this one's a little better. This has also been going around the internet.

This is why ages 15-25 or something like that are pretty bad. I actually didn't spend any time there, really, because I was more of an acquaintance zone kinda shlong. But the state of mind is close enough that I can get the idea.

The video is more good advice than bad, but there's too much* emphasis on how "exiting the friend zone" in one of two healthy ways could potentially lead to eventually hooking up. While this is sort of true in some cases, attempting to string it all together like that is sort of about the same thing as lapsing back into "friend zone" behavior in the first place.

* - Any emphasis whatsoever is too much. It still could have been brought up maybe, but only with a mega disclaimer that actually building a strategy out of a hypothetical like that is, like, super-duper mega backfire territory.
Tags: friend zone, no stabbing today, this was ok
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