mothwentbad (mothwentbad) wrote,

For the record - Pre-Diablo 3 edition

I think Tyrael is going to turn out to be a traitor.

In Diablo 2, basically he acted all high-and-mighty, but mostly shlonged around and showed up to everything just barely late enough to not do anything useful. Then he's all like, "oh look, I have to destroy the Worldstone, can't save it, nope, sorry. But it's for your own good!" And Mala is all like, "Oh, well, if Tyrael says so, then it must be the case; he's Tyrael, after all, you know."

Yeah right. I'm not turning my back on that fucker at all ever when that game comes out.

UNRELATED: So, how's LJ doing? I don't really do LJ much lately, do I?
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LJ is not doing so well. And it is partially your fault. (But don't feel bad, it's also everyone else's fault. Including mine.)
LJ would be better if more people were on it and if I didn't get spam ad comments every week. But I still can't explain why I'm on Facebook instead.
Because everyone else is too? That's why I'm usually there.
Yeah, you don't. But LJ is for memories at least, eh?
Some of us are still here. :> Tom & I are doing the G+ thing as well. (I skipped over FB entirely, but he's got a huge following on there.)

I think at this point I can't quit because this is where I've saved most of my photos.
I agree. Also, this post makes me miss playing D2. *sigh* I have the disk somewhere. I'll have to dig it out. I wonder if the big laptop will play it.
Collector's edition D3 has a big old skull with a USB soulstone with D2 on it. :-o
LJ's here. Squirrely on occasio, bu there!

I never liked Tyrael either. Chide me for taking too long killing Duriel? Where the heck were you, getting your wings styled? I can totally see him traitor. SO looking forward to D3!

(Drat, no longer have my D2 icon...)
So, you let yours expire too, huh? Not surprising.
No, I went Permanent a few years back, but I dropped a bunch of icons I didn't use often. And really, how often can one really use a D2:LOD icon in day-to day conversation? LOL I am on DW a lot more these days, but I still read and X-post here.
You mean you don't find yourself saying, "Not even death can save you from me" at least once a month?
Yes. No. Maybe.